Understanding British and US Bingo Players Slang

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

Online Bingo is a beautiful social media where players from around the world are assembled together in chat. It’s an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and opens virtual doors full of new knowledge to culture, customs through chat.

The British and the US, though speak English, have completely different meanings for certain words and slang. Unless you know the differences it can have consequences that are perceived wrong. Some of the translations are so different it’s downright funny!

List Words Translated from British to US

Accumulator – car battery

Bank Holiday – holiday

Bespoke – tailor-made

Bilberry – blueberry

Bird – chick

Biscuit – cookie

Block – apartment building

Bonnet –hood of car

Boot – trunk of car

Braces – suspenders

Bottom of the street – end of the street

Call box – telephone booth

Car park – parking lot

Carriage –railroad car

Carrier bag- shopping bag

Chips – French fries

Crisps – potato chips

Cupboard – closet

Deposit account – savings account

Fag – cigarette

Fish slice – spatula

Garden – yard

Hoarding –billboard

Jelly – jello

Joint (pot roast) – marijuana cigarette

Kirby grips – bobby pins

Lacquer – hairspray

Lift – elevator

Lorry – truck

Lucky dip – grab bag

Mackintosh – raincoat

Minced meat – ground bee

Mistress – extra marital affair

Nappy – diaper

Mean (stingy) – hateful

Number plate – license plate

Off license – liquor store

Panda car – police car/squad

Pecker (keep your chin up) – penis

Pram – stroller

Pissed (drunk) – mad

Point – electric outlet

Redundant – laid off

Return ticket – round trip ticket

Rise – pay raise

Roll neck – turtleneck

Roundabout – traffic circle

Rubber – eraser

Saloon (sedan car) – bar

To screw (extract money) – have sex

Sellotape – Scotch tape

Superannuation scheme – retirement pension plan

Supply teacher – substitute teacher

Surgery (doctors office) – operating on patient

Tinkle (garbage dump) – urinate

Tram – trolley

Trousers – pants

Treacle – molasses

Windscreen – wind shield

Wing on car – fender

White spirit – turpentine

Zebra crossing – pedestrian crosswalk

Next time you are chatting away with your neighbor across the pond in a Bingo room and you’re not quite understanding the lingo this list should set it all straight!
By Ava Jackuard

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