Bingo Clubhouse Bank Holiday Celebration

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Monday August 25th is a Bank Holiday for the United Kingdom except Scotland that recognizes it on the first
in August.

It’s a holiday that that marks the end of summer for many folks. Many take advantage of the long three day weekend and is considered a final farewell as autumn quickly approaches.

The Bank Holiday was first introduced back in 1871 and gave banking employees an opportunity to participate in cricket. It wasn’t until one hundred years later in 1971 that the holiday date was moved to the last Monday in August in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

London celebrates the end of summer on this day in the Notting Hill Carnival popular for its high-spirited costumes, dancing and music.

As the UK enjoys the end of summer by going away, gardening or simply embracing the great outdoors there is something extra to celebrate.

Bingo Clubhouse is having the Kiss and Make up promotion to celebrate this special holiday. The site is looking for the biggest losers on the Bank Holiday

If you have had a stroke of bad luck then Bingo Clubhouse wants to turn that frown upside down with because losers or actually winners!

And it’s not just a handful of losers that will be awarded, it’s a whopping 20 of the biggest losers.

If you are among one of the biggest losers on Monday August 25th don’t fret because you are in for some great prizes.

Here is the prize break down list:

·         1st place 10 real cash

·         2nd place 9 real cash

·         3rd place 8 real cash

·         4th place 7 real cash

·         5th place 6 real cash

·         6th place 5 real cash

·         7rd place 4 real cash

·         8nd place 3 real cash

·         9th place 2 real cash

·         10th place 1 real cash

And a Bonus will be awarded to the following places:

·         11th place 10 bonus

·         12 place 9 bonus

·         13th place 8 bonus

·         14th place 7 bonus

·         15th place 6 bonus

·         16th place 5 bonus

·         17th place 4 bonus

·         18th place 3 bonus

·         19th place 2 bonus

·         20th place 1 bonus

All winners will be announced on
Tuesday August 26th

So go ahead and play your favorite Bingo and Slot games and you might be one of the lucky biggest losers!
By Ava Jackuard

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