Amigo Bingo Hosts a $100,000 Blast Off!

Posted on Aug 05, 2018


August and space...seemingly, there is not a strong connection there, and yet there it is – someone has made it. That someone is our good pals over at Amigo Bingo who are industrious even when nobody else isn't.

The month of August has arrived and, with it, a bunch of laid back opportunities before a more responsible and stern September comes. From August 1st until the 31st, you will be able to partake in the $100,000 Blast Off! 

Outside Time and Space:

You can opt-in now by pre-buying tickets for a chance to win over $100,000 in guaranteed cash...

...And you can do that by playing the fun chat jackpot games with numerous fun players from around the world – and you should hope there is as many of them as possible, because more players means bigger jackpots!

3TG, 2TG, 1TG extra prizes and multiple other bingo offers, bonuses and other goodies are all here on this bingo site bearing the Panama license proudly as their own seal of approval.

As it Happens:

At the end of each week, five participants, according to their success and a bit of luck in the random draw generator machine, will be drawn and proclaimed winners. And just what will they be winning? A total of $500 in bingo bucks, spread like this: 

·        1st Prize $200

·        2nd $150

·        3rd $75

·        4th $50 

-        5th $25

$1,000 more in extra prizes will be a part of a September 3rd raffle: 

·        1st: $500 BBs + 250% Extra Bonus

·        2nd: $250 BBs + 150% Extra Bonus

·        3rd: $150 BBs + Team Bingo Entry 

-        4th & 5th: Prize $100 BBs + Team Bingo Entry

By Andrej Vidovic

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